Wednesday, June 30

T-Minus 24 Hours Until Goodbye Virginia

Good evening.  My liquid lubrication has mildly set in so I'm just now starting on my packing list.  I just finished a 9.5 hour day.  My feet are done.  And a little Mothership Wit was a necessity.  And I came home to Hurt Locker, so we're finishing that movie before scrounging for some dinner.  Probably out.  Because who wants to cook when I just leave tomorrow.  But dinner's still to be decided.  Maybe after the buzz wears off.

But you're totally jealous.  You wanna come with me.  Well, if I do bring you...via'll totally not judge me for packing less than 24 hours before my departure.  Deal?  Deal.

So I'm going to open the blog to answers of "What I need to pack!"  Because sometimes you need an outside set of thought processes to make sure you're equipped for 14-days in the English and Scottish landscapes.  The obvious notions are rain jacket, comfy shoes, toothbrush, but what about those obscure items.  Like Advil.  Because a headache that an English pint can't get rid of will ruin my fun.  And I need optimal fun.

And don't be shy!  Even you lurkers can join in.  We don't judge here.  Because I totally lurk also.  Sometimes it just seems weird to "follow" a friend's cousin, even though she's a way wicked photog in Utah.  Ya, maybe I'll get around to it, but not tonight.  Well, unless you're buying a Long Island Iced Tea in an Irish pub.  I will totally judge the shit outta you.  Because you need to learn.  Assimilate or die!  Or face embarrassment from the Ging.  Which is worse?

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