Tuesday, June 22

Why everyone should be jealous of a Ging.

It was 5:07pm when I left work.  Like a rock star.  Pimpin' my electric blue Asian-mobile.  I had my big-ass shades on.  Something off of Dynasty.  Or Cher's late 70's world tour.  Hot.

Leaning to my right, blowing by traffic, rocking out like any transplanted white girl from redneck Oregon.  It's how we roll there.  Thus I got out.  For the moment.  You can take the girl out of Medford, but you can't take the Medford out of the girl.  But still, white girl, ethnic music, conservative office wear on, who wouldn't be impressed?  I think I saw Carson Daly come at me for an interview.  But my publicist pulled me away.  Okay, no Carson Daly.  Carson Who? those young kids are asking.  And no publicist.  I'm my own publicist, bitches.  Obvis, since I author my life story on this here blog.  But alas, I park my car, walk the 2 blocks home, plop out the contacts, and throw ice in a lowball before splashing it with vodka and tonic.  It's been a long day.  It'll be a long week.  But the motto is "One week, one day."  And how was your day?

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