Sunday, June 6

Take this Little Man to church with you.

So yesterday sparked another trip back to the ICU for this little guy right here.

No injuries were sustained via the Johnny Jump-Up

[This via Mama Ging and Facebook]  Little Man, yesterday, was unresponsive, yet breathing, in his crib so he was taken to the Emergency Room to see what was up with him.  His blood sugar was at 500 (apparently an unGodly level), so they were running tests for diabetes (which runs in my Sister-in-Law's family).  Hours later, no on the diabetes.  The sugar levels fell.  Things were getting better.  The hospital staff thought maybe he got tangled up in his blanket and panic ensued, thus skyrocketing all his levels.  And they were concerned for oxygen intake.  So a CT scan was ordered.  During this whole episode, Little Man hadn't opened his eyes at all.  This cues my need for Niecy Nash and some "Take off yo' blindfold and open yo' eyes!"

Well apparently he opened his eyes a little on the ride to the CT room as they hit a sinkhole in the flooring.  Little Man was his ol' self for a short time, which relieved my brother.  CT came back normal.  And he's ate and slept like a champion.  There's just waiting for the standard behavior out of him before he's released.  Because projectile-vomit, stinky-diaper baby is much better than catatonic baby.  Leave zombie-like behavior to Little Man when he's 15 and sleeping 14 hours a day.

My opinion:  Little Man has until Thursday to get better.  Because he has a roadtrip to make to Middle Sister's graduation, and a blogging Aunt Ging to meet.  There I will give him the wise words of my life.  Like the one time I crawled onto of the fridge for a game of Hide 'N Go Seek with my siblings and I almost launched Mama Ging's cake stand off the top.  Only tell them things like that until after 10+ years have passed.  And when you live in another time zone.  Because then they can't get mad at you.  Directly.  Hi Mama Ging. Love you. :D

So Little Man, get better.  Brother and Amber, you guys are champions...hang in there.  You'll have my hugs on Friday.  To the prayers that have been sent...high fives to all you.  I'll do some yoga to the Sun, to the Moon, to the Little Man's hospital room (that's an inside joke right there with my sisters - sorry to not include you, readers).  And to my blogger family...your kind thoughts propel the ability for Little Man to grace this blog in person this week.  And I thank you.

Now time for breakfast.  And in case you didn't notice, I was able to upload a picture.  So...that means I can finally unload my backlog of blogposts.  Score.  Happy Sunday.

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  1. Oh, that must have been terrifying. Hope he recovers quickly and completely and doesn't scare anyone like that again!