Tuesday, June 29

I miss running. This surprises me.

I never considered myself a runner.  Because when you look like Phoebe meets a stripper flailing on the sidewalk, you assume your pension for athletic endeavors (i.e. running) are strictly a means to chase the ice cream truck, run the bases in softball, and tackle little sisters who'd steal your Lisa Frank folders.

But since starting running in November of last year with the brilliant idea of a Half Marathon, it can actually be enjoyable.  I say, "can" because running in the severe cold, severe hot, or severe ghetto suck.  And we have all 3 of those things here.  And I mean real ghettos.  Not just elk tents of people missing teeth somewhere in the thickets, aka Oregon ghetto.  Like government housing and Welfare babies coming out the ears.  That was a first.

So last night I decided that the only way to make running happen was on the treadmill last night.  And while it's not my favorite method of exercise, it was welcomed because the treadmill was located in an air-conditioned gym.  And air conditioning = good.  It wards off the boob sweat.

I just wish this summer wasn't insanely hot.  I think records were set last weekend.

But back on topic.  Running...

I continually stroll through RunningWarehouse.com oogling this Zensah compression socks that are at the top of my Christmas List this year.  They've been reviewed to good marks, and they'd be useful in more ways than just recovery efforts.  Stuck on a cross-country flight?  Wear 'em.  Pregnant and wanting to avoid cankles?  Wear 'em. Just think that hot pink knee-high socks are awesome?  Wear 'em.

And not that I'll ever be winning age divisions in races, I have my eye on a few...

Rock 'N Roll: Las Vegas
One downside: $145 entry fee.  But it is a night run...and that'd be AWESOME.

A Disney Theme Park Race
There's a Wine & Dine in the fall.  Yes, I like wine.  This seems like a nice pairing.

Crater Lake Rim Run
For those who don't know, this is basically where I'm from in Oregon.  Down South, and an hour outside this national treasure.  If the views don't kill you, the elevation will.  7,500 is not for the weak.

Any Turkey Trot
I think running a race the morning of Thanksgiving would be great fun.  And the end of running for the year, because Thanksgiving to Christmas is always way too busy in my book.

Pints to Pasta 10K
You're letting me eat AND drink after my race...I love you.  No, really.

Chicago Half Marathon
I want to do one of those ridiculously large races through a Downtown environment.  So how's 30,000 in Downtown Chicago?  I'd say yes.  Know anyone that lets bloggers spend the night?

Each day, when I'm bored, I find more races that entertain me.  The only problem...either the cost of airfare/lodging/etc, or that the races are too soon for me to sign up/train.  The locals that continue to run in this heat impress me.  But I guess that's in comparison to my coming back to Oregon and loving the rain like a Champion.  So to each there own.

But now I have a question for y'all.  Anyone up for a blogger run?  You know where to reach me.

Since I'm spending half of July out of the country, I think my next race will be sometime next year.  Because the heat has to die down some and I need to get the traveling schedule out of my system.  It happens every few years.  I have one summer where I'm glued to an aircraft.  It's the lucky part of my life.  Some people never travel.  But those people probably live in a Yurt in Alaska and have no need to venture outside their awesome landscape.  This is not Alaska.  It's the surface of the sun.  And the only long-distance running I want to do right now is towards iced tea.  Iced tea with a lemon wedge.


  1. Running is a great release for me. I love it. I have learned to not mind running on the treadmill. I am learning to even like it. LOL

    If you do the Rock n Roll: Las Vegas LET ME KNOW! I want to run that half and it would be so awesome to have someone else to run with. Or even just meet up with before or after the race. I did the San Diego Rock n Roll and will be signing up for the LA RnR in Sept. They are so much fun!

  2. I've been debating it for this year, but the entry fee is already up to 145. I may try next year since I'm traveling quite a bit and haven't done any steady training since my Half in March (Virginia summers = swampy!).

    And I totally read your recap of your race. Loved it! It's nice to see us non-Boston Qualifying runners enjoying ourselves. Haha, this is why I call myself a "hobbyist runner." :)

    Are those your next races lined up? Let me know, I'd love to hear about them!

  3. Uhm, We will run those races. It just may take us a few years to check them all off.

    Running. FUN!