Sunday, June 13

A Gingy Weekend Teaser!

We've made it to Sunday.  No one died.  No one was hospitalized.  And only one person cried at graduation.  You can guess who that was.

It's been a great weekend in the State of Recycling, Composting, and Ergonomic Shoes.  I wish I lived here.  But I don't.  Because the Navy shut down the Portland station long ago.  Boo.  Bring back Portland.  And Alaska.  Because that would be awesome too.

 There was the flight over Mt. Hood, which was clouded over.  I wonder if they've recovered the bodies off the the mountain yet.  Idiots.

There was the Baby Sister Taxi Service from Portland International.

 There were emo shots.  Standard.

Of course there was beer.

And there was some food porn.

And I met this Little Man.  And he "mean-mugged" me.

And my camera was pilfered.  And for those who don't know, this is my Brother.  Well, his nostrils.

And congrats to Middle Sister for completing the requirements for a 4-year 4 years!

While I'm savoring the time I have left with my family,...I'll be seeing them in like 3 weeks.  So it's not exactly a teary goodbye.  Well, it is for the microbreweries I'm leaving behind.  Good beer, I've missed you.

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