Wednesday, June 23

I lack complete and utter inspiration today.

So maybe I'll take a hint and copy my favorite person in this timezone.  Okay, well I can't say that since I now know some awesome bloggers in other states on this coast.  So I'll let you know that she's the Bee's Knees.  Seriously.

I'm tired.  And it's not even 8pm yet.

The storms a-brewin' overhead. The thunder is getting closer as this system bears down on my little neck of the world.  Hopefully this rain will lower the humidity.  I'll take 10% even.  Because as much as us West Coasters bitch about the whole humidity concept, really...just take a vacation back to our neck of the woods.  Really, right now, book a trip to Oregon.  Or Washington.  And experience the shine-free face and the lacking of boob sweat at 5am.  It'll blow your mind.

By this time next week, I NEED to be packed for England.  I can't afford to pack the hour before I leave.  And while I want a super cute Passport/wallet combo-thingy, I haven't found one that blows my skirt up.  So wait I do.  Maybe I'll find one over there.  Maybe another Hong Kong Fendi?? (Please don't try and get this.  Because you won't.  It's meant for a certain reader.  She knows who she is.)

I broke down and bought Cheerios at the store.  We've been out for over a week now and I've been having hot cereals for breakfast.  I just haven't been able to justify them since I'm traveling again so soon.  That and our pantry totally needs eating down.  So I've been trying to be good, but the Cheerio gods won this round.

Today totally felt like a Thursday.  I know it wasn't.  I'm just saying it felt like a Thursday.  Anyone else?

I'm so ready for Christmas that I've already started on my list.  I take my lists very seriously.  I even made a website last year.  Yes, I'm looking into therapy for this deep-end affliction.  But in all honesty, when you want specific items you have to make your list amaze-balls.  That's why mine's complete with lists, price points, shipping/handling info, local purchase power, and ways to eco-friendly wrap it.

My laptop battery just told me I have 40 minutes of life left.  I mean to charge it regularly.  But the charger is connected to the wall.  And I'm on the couch.  And that's just too far.  But as soon as I'm getting up to charge it I'm snagging chocolate from the fridge.  2 birds...

I won't be dragging my laptop to Europe because I'm a huge fan of traveling light.  Omg, how will we read your blog???  Thought that one out already.  The Sheriff is bringing his laptop.  Problem solved.  The only bitch thing is will be using it for 15 minutes every night.  With 2 sisters, there still need to be limits on internet use.  We can't just bo-guard like it's 1997 and AIM is hot shit.  And it's hard to justify my blogging versus family webcam sessions with the Little Man back home.

Mr. Wookie just farted 5 feet from me.  He paused and realized it slipped out.  Silly Wookie.  Not like I care.  I grew up with an older brother.  This means I'm well-versed in snot rockets, farting, loogies, booger picking, booger wiping, wiffle ball, peeing outdoors, and making fires.  The only thing I lack is armpit farting.  Still.

And it's about that time.  There's a piece of chocolate in the fridge calling my name.  Mrs. Wookie, come...hither...enjoy.  Then go outside and watch the storm.  Because you know how much you love when Mr. Wookie calls you a country bumpkin for loving thunderstorms.  He's right.  You are a little redneck.  Just a pale redneck.


  1. When your hair grows out it's really red.

    I know, that was lame...

  2. Yes. Hong Kong Fendi. Please? With photos. And you have a present coming in the mail. And you'll die when you get it because it's that amazing. And I called you and you didn't call back. And I don't have text right now. And we need to talk before you go to England. And I'm done. :D