Monday, June 14

Middle Sister: Oregon State Graduate #3

Corvallis is the Grass Seed Capital of the World.  Don't believe me?  Ask everyone's allergies/eyeballs/sanity/Allegra intake.  My own graduation was freakin' miserable.  Worst day of my life.  Even a super hangover, mixed with diarrhea, food poisoning, a pregnancy scare, and lymphoma would have been better than my day.  Thank goodness Middle Sister's was a success!

The Sheriff and I started out with dropping Mama Ging off at Reser Stadium to score seats.  Because I didn't grab breakfast that morning from the hotel room, we zoomed over to a bagel joint for some sustenance.

On our walk to Reser Stadium, we ran into Middle Sister in the College of Human and Health Sciences line.  I'll be honest.  A hot pink tassle...JEALOUS!  Mr. Wookie and I rocked white.  Because Liberal Arts majors don't count.  I didn't even know the name of my College's Dean.

This is merely a few hours before Middle Sister earned her degree in Exercise Sports Science with a focus in Nursing - defying the family's tradition of taking 5-6 years to graduate (I changed my major my 2nd year in, thus forcing me to dump over a year's worth of Bio, Chem, Anatomy/Phys credits down the tube - and Brother did that a few times).

How we were able to spot Middle Sister in the huge crowd.

Before Pomp 'n Circumsicionstance (haha!)...

The allergies were killing even Little Man...

If you look on the left column, on the left side, you'll see a small orange circle.  This is her.

It's OFFICIAL!!  Woohoo!

So post-graduate plans are aiming for nursing schools in the Pasadena area.

Middle Sister would like to be a surgical nurse.

However, we just haven't heard from the Pasadena schools yet.

This is Middle Sister's long-term boyfriend, Dane.  He's also waiting on schools in the Pasadena area.

Nicole (Middle Sister's roomie), Dane, Middle Sister

And Little Man is out.

Congrats to Middle Sister, Dane, Nicole, and the rest of the 2010 graduates of Oregon State!

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