Friday, May 29

Beaver Nation Outpost Station

Just a little evidence of our watching the game today in our best Beaver Gear.

"Woman, stop taking pictures of me."  But my stalkers need evidence.

The Mr. Joe Cady, himself, stalking Mike Parker in the pre-game.  In the little football crockpot were "whiskey weenies."  Little smokies in BBQ sauce.  De-lic-ious.

This is how we tune into sporting events.  Via a non-HD webcast from Texas.

Wook relaxing in his desk chair out of uniform with a tasty beverage.  One of many.

Hippie nachos.  Yes, those are blue corn chips.  With beans, cheese, peppers, olives, and lettuce.  And my empty glass.  Looks like it needs a refill.  Again, one of many.

Feeling festive, Joe?  So do the rest of us.  That and the Beavs were up 9-something.

And then again, we spoke too soon.  A 3-run homer puts us only up by one.  Oi.

And to update you further, the Man Date continues.  A Facebook-stalking date.

1 comment:

  1. The Sheriff says Joe and his "friend" do make a nice couple. Who's taller?

    btw, nice effort on the snacks. : )