Thursday, May 21

Good Morning!

So I'm up with the sun.  Literally.  I was up when wook's alarm went off, if not slightly before that, and I held out as long as I could before dragging myself out of bed on behalf of my empty stomach to summon the Cheerios gods to delivering some angelic goodness into my body.  Okay, so I walked my butt downstairs and poured a heaping bowl myself.  Sometimes I wish that crap were true though.

Yeah, why am I up so early?

Because we went to bed before 9pm.  Before the sun had even gone down.  I was absolutely dead tired from our day's activities.  We went up to Colonial Williamsburg for a few hours, which apparently wiped out my energy stash for the day.  So after stuffing my face with spaghetti and meatballs, I proceeded to climb the  stairs and crawl into bed.  Makeup still on.  I know, I was that tired.

But now I'm waiting for the coffee to finish brewing.  After a night like that (9pm to 5am equals 8 hours of sleep, which felt sooo good), I have a feeling I'll still need help in waking up a tad.

The only thing wook wasn't up for was the going to bed before 9pm.  So he put on another episode of X-Files to watch before drifting off to sleep.

Oh, and another thing, wook has watch today from 6:30am - 2:30pm, therefore he was up with the sun also.  And that's the only reason why he would go to sleep at the hour we did.  Otherwise he would have been at the Midnight showing of Terminator: Salvation.  But alas, duty calls.  Or at least the schedule of the day calls.

Okay, coffee's up.  I shall sit and enjoy a halfcup while perusing the new Cooking Light magazine I got in the mail yesterday.  Yay.  And then back to the cover letter writing of Job Search '09.  Oh joy.

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