Saturday, May 23

Happy Memorial Weekend!

Just wanted to fill you in on our amazing plans for the weekend.

Nothing. :)

Yesterday afternoon we started the weekend with a trek to see Terminator: Salvation.  Then we perused the mall (it's where the theater is).  Stopped by Harry & David, but I didn't want to drop $12 for the Bridgeview Merlot which you can totally get for $6 at Bi-Mart.  Call me stubborn, but I think I can hold out or at least find other local finds for under the $10 mark (where are my recession sales?).

Came home and then I convinced wook to go out grocery shopping with me.  Lately, I've been in a huge knack for grocery shopping.  It's even topping shoe shopping right now.  I know.  There must be something wrong with me.  But alas, nothing that a Dr. or Shrink could find.  So out we went to gather the arsenal needed for baking.  Because no straight man would have baking powder or soda, or vanilla, or condensed milk, we needed to hit the market a half block away.

And maybe a couple steaks found their way into the cart for dinner.  Delish.

Today started out a great, lazy one.  Woke up around 10am to my dad texting me, "Get up lazy!"  and "Get Vertical!"  (This second comment was introduced Hayley's senior year when my dad would yell at her to "wake up," well like any smart Senior, she yelled back, "I am awake."  So then my dad had to get more creative.  Thus the "Get vertical.")

So I made some awesome pancakes for breakfast, with a little peanut butter on top.  Then I threw together the ingredients for banana bread.  Those dead bananas finally came into use.  But there's still 20 minutes left on the timer, so there's time to wait before the taste test.

The rest of the day will probably be spent lounging.  Maybe watching Get Smart.  Probably writing more cover letters.  There was this one place that didn't accept resumes/apps on Fridays.  Okay then.

Wook just informed me he'll be hitting the gym now.  I should too.  But I have to babysit the bread till it's done.  So maybe afterward I'll find the motivation to get out and run.  We'll see.

Tomorrow should be a fun day as we head over for a Class BBQ.  It was supposed to be a potluck, but I think the boys put a stink fest because most men don't like to be responsible for food that has to be eaten by others.  Out of the class, 2 guys are married (which makes 2 wives).  There's 1 girl in the class.  And there's me.  4 women total affiliated with these boys.  Makes sense why a potluck would be nixed.  But I still plan on bringing some cookies over.  Or maybe some bars.  Not sure which.  I'll pick through my cookbooks and see which catches my eye.

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