Thursday, May 21

Who Wants A Clean House?

My intentions were to wake up, enjoy a cup of coffee, and get writing.

Too bad inspiration didn't show up.

So instead I cleaned house.  Like completely.  Dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, laundry, scrubbing.  Maybe I'll just apply to be a motel maid.  I kid.  You couldn't pay me enough.

Okay, well maybe you could pay me enough.  But there'd be lots of zeros and commas.

Look at those countertops.  Pristine.  And that's a bowl of tomatoes infront of the well-stocked liquor collection.  Fruits and veggies and grains.  See, we're healthy.

You think I was lying about the incredibly small surface area surrounding the sink?

Look at those neatly rolled washclothes.  If only I had a bin for them.

NO MORE BOXES!  The recycling bin was finally empty and in place for me to dismantle the stack that clogged the hallway with negative chi.

And what do you do with dying bananas?  You make banana bread!

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