Friday, May 29

A Throwback to the Simpler Days

For those who remember the times when there were more performers in the basement than audience members, here's a little trip down Memory Lane.

And for those not clued in.  Back in the day, in a darkly lit basement, 3 guys would jam out to Old Hairband Classics with tiki torches.  This tradition continued on even when the audience exceeded basement capacity.  It was legen...dary.  So I give you a slight reunion.

Like always, alcohol is a factor.  As you see wook reach for his drink more than once.

And as you can see, it was still daylight here with this level of inebriation.  The night didn't stop here.  We went out for celebratory mojitos (both because of the Beavs and the New Insignia) and rolled back into the apartment much later.  

How later?  I don't know. :)

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